Friday, May 31, 2013

23 Things you do that turn your man off

As human beings, there are certain annoying habits that we have that could be seriously annoying to other people but then there’s no way those people can tell us to rectify them for fear of upsetting us or maybe making things worse and there’s also the possibility that we will hold an unnecessary grudge.
Ladies, there are many things that you do unknowingly that can turn your man off but he just can’t tell you. Here are the most common reasons. So read them and make sure to avoid them if you’re a culprit.
1. Being unresponsive when it comes to bedroom matters and talking too much or doing random things like texting in bed and also never being bold enough to initiate sex.
2. Wearing a hideous scarf or helmet to bed and wearing hideous unsightly underwear.
3. Gully creeping in heels you can barely walk in, wearing too much bad make-up and overdoing it with jewellery
4. Being too much of a tomboy. If he wanted to be with a fellow man he’d be playing for the other team.
5. Constant nagging and hints for him to put a ring on it and constantly talking of having children.
6. Devaluing his friends and the people he hangs out with.
7. Trying to make him jealous by flirting with other men outrageously right before his eyes.
8. Being over- dramatic, over emotional, needy, clingy and insecure.
9. Having a very feminist attitude.
10. Speaking ill of people especially his family members.
11. Drinking too much and losing yourself because of booze. This is equivalent to lacking self respect.
12. Being overly materialistic and always waiting for things to be done for you.
13. Lacking self confidence and constantly worrying about your appearance.
14. Talking about your past relationships all the time.
15. Always rubbing it in his face how all the men want you.
16. Unshaven armpits, chipped nail polish, rough feet, bad hair, bad breath, foul smelling sweat, chapped lips and behaving uncouthly like burping , farting, aimlessly and shamelessly all the time
17. Dragging him with you to go shoes and clothes shopping especially for mitumba stuff.
18. Making him hold your handbag. This is with the exception of if he is holding it for you so that you can beat the crap out of a thug.
19. Inability to cook or even clean and always acting dumb.
20. Sharing your relationship issues with all your friends, relatives and then with the whole world.
21. Calling him 100 times a day to tell him nothing in particular and trying to find out what he’s up to.
22. Never having his back and always undermining his capabilities.
23. Smothering him, especially in front of his boys.
Well, if you didn’t know now you know!